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Start: 07/09/2021 09:00
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Hello! My second single, Shades of Grey will go live on all digital platforms on Wednesday 8th September. I hope you like it!  

Here is the iTunes link that will work from midnight on the 8th September


About Ruby 


'I see everything another way' 


I've been vegan since I was 9 because  other animals have just as much right as me to live their lives free from use and exploitation. 


Animal agriculture also contributes about 30% of the emissions causing the climate crisis. Even without that figure, consider all the forests that have been cleared so that we can grow feed for other animals bred for slaughter and forests cleared for grazing land. Look at the damage we have done.


Proceeds from the sale of Ruby's Song/Invisible are being donated to Jigsaw  and Go Vegan World 

They are both organisations that mean a lot to me because of the important work that they do.  Please check me out on Bandcamp to buy my track for one euro that will go to help Jigsaw and Goveganworld. Thanks!


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