Technology Course for Older People
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Tech Savvy Club Course

Welcome to The Tech Savvy Club Main information Page. Here you'll learn what the course entails and the module subjects you'll learn when you sign up.


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Once Logged in, Tech Savvy Course modules can be done as often as you like, whenever you like and you can choose whichever modules suit you best. Take your time.



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Once completed, all members get a certificate of Tech Savvy course completion along with vouchers to spend on our online store any time.


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The entire course is yours and 1 full years access to all existing and new content at a special price of just €99 Incl. VAT


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Explore All 20 Modules Here

  • 1. Jargon Buster
  • 2. The Internet
  • 3. Websites Explained
  • 4. Internet Browsers
  • 5. All about Email
  • 6. Online Safety
  • 7. Passwords Passwords Passwords
  • 8. Smartphone Functions
  • 9. Downloading Apps
  • 10. Messaging Apps
  • 11. The Cloud
  • 12. Social Media
  • 13. Online Shopping
  • 14. Streaming Services
  • 15. Understanding Bills
  • 16. Using your Phone Abroad
  • 17. Being Ready for Emergencies
  • 18. Fake news and mis-information
  • 19. GPS and Maps
  • 20. Internet of Things

What our Tech Savvy Club Members Say



The Tech Savvy course taught me the real universal language of it all. I'm signing up to things myself and can recognise a threat much more easily.

Bernie H





The most friendly bunch I've ever dealt with. I'm so glad I did this course. Can't wait to see more modules.

Paddy Mc





Highly recommended course for anyone who struggles to understand. all this new tech. This course teaches you the right information

Gina F



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