A carbon tax increase on home heating fuels takes effect from today, which will likely mean that the price of gas in every home would rise by €1.40 per month and home heating oil would increase by €1.50.

This tax hike comes against the backdrop of soaring energy prices.

A motion to stop the increase was defeated in the Dáil on Wednesday.

Government has insisted that measures have been introduced to off set today's increases.

They include a €200 electricity bill credit, a VAT cut to gas and electricity and the scrapping of the €58 public service obligation levy.

The money raised through carbon tax is set aside to address fuel poverty and to finance measures that help communities switch to greener energy.

Meanwhile, work is ongoing to reach a political compromise on regulations to restrict the sale of turf from next September.

The negotiations, which are described as delicate, are likely to focus on allowing more turf sales than was originally proposed.